Top cycling resources and blogs you should read

I have been into cycling for a few years now and read up on it regularly. It’s fun and instructive to read blogs and resources on cycling that provide valuable insights. Over the years, I have come across some blogs on cycling that can be useful to both pro cyclists and beginners needing direction in their cycling pursuit. So, if you are a bike rider or plan to be one, here’s a list of top 8 cycling resources and blogs that you should follow to stay updated with important cycling events, races and other news regarding cycling –

Bicycling is world’s leading magazine founded in 1961 and covers everything about cycling world –

  • The blog isn’t only for the expert cyclists but also for beginners. It is one of the oldest blogs on cycling, and also a trusted source for news and updates on cycling.
  • If you are a health enthusiast, this blog on cycling also provides insights on nutrition and fitness.
  • The gadget blogs on cycling are crisp and provide researched and authentic information about new gear in cycling market.
  • com also covers news on cycling races and events.

‘Cycling Weekly’ is a very old blog on cycling which was originally a magazine started in 1891. It offers almost everything on cycling.

  • The best feature of this website is it keeps you updated about deals on bicycles and related gears and gadgets, so that you don’t miss on sales events or online deals.
  • It covers all the information about major cycling events like Giro d’Italia which includes its start list, route and a TV Guide.
  • Cycling weekly also has essential content for fitness enthusiasts and amateur and expert level cyclists with articles like cycling training plans for beginners and cycling training plan for extra speed.
  • Coverage of latest news, videos, legit reviews and a cycle events calendar makes ‘Cycling Weekly’ a one-step repository and one of the best resources on cycling.

We love cycling one of the best online resources on cycling by Skoda Auto. It covers original stories, videos and special reports on cycling. Here are some key features of the blog –

  • The best feature of this blog on cycling is that it has bifurcated and dedicated sections for countries with each section containing cycling events and blogs in the indigenous language of that country.
  • Safety is an integral part of cycling and ‘We love Cycling’ covers insightful articles on safety during cycling, which you may not find in other blogs on cycling.
  • Its health and training section is full of informative blogs on proper nutrition and cycling tips.
  • Cycling is also a culture as much as it is a hobby or sport. The blog contains cultural articles on bicycles and how it influences culture, which is an interesting perspective.

Rapha is one of the most informative blogs on cycling. It was founded in 2004 by Simon Mottram and covers various aspects of cycling.

  • Rapha is a great place to shop if you are a bicycle enthusiast as it has varied gears and accessories to offer with sporadic emergence of special discounts.
  • It has a cycling club of its own, so you can also join it and stay updated with latest cycle events organized by Rapha itself.
  • This blog on cycling contains interesting interviews of professional cyclists too.
  • The blogs are well written and contain soulful stories and tidbits about cycling events and race. Moreover, you get to know about new places to explore for your bike ride.

If you are more of a racer kind of cyclist, then you should permanently bookmark this blog on cycling.

  • Bikepacking covers number of cycle events and cycle races in various locations like Italy, United States and Netherlands.
  • Along with bike-packing gears and stunning videos, this blog on cycling weaves inspirational stories on bicycling.
  • The blog has all you need to know about bike-packing – How, when and where.
  • It provides maps to unexplored routes that suit all kind of rides – family and adventurous both.

Read Kite Prayer is a blog on cycling founded in 2009 by Belgium Knee Warmers. It offers quality content on cycling.

  • The most interesting part of this blog on cycling is its philosophical content. It treats cycling differently as it comes up with articles on how cycling can influence your mind.
  • The blog also contains some very interesting personal meanderings.
  • Red Kite Prayer provides monthly updates of cycling events. You can also peek into past events through archives.
  • The blog has articles on tips, news and other relevant stuff about cycling.

It is basically an online cycling community which was launched in 2009, containing lot of information on cycling.

  • If you are mountain biker, then this is a go to blog on cycling for you. It contains myriad of videos that include ‘how to videos’ that come handy in biking trips.
  • When it comes to mountain bikes and gears, it has gamut of products. They include bicycles and other accessories with varied price range.
  • The blog also offers bike checks which is a feature very few blogs on cycling have.
  • It also covers news and feature stories on cycling.

The Path Less Pedaled is a unique blog on cycling. It was started in 2009 by two travellers – Laura and Russ.

  • The best part about ‘The Path Less Pedaled’ is that it offers information about unexplored locations for bicycle trips.
  • The reviews of bicycle and relevant stuff are highly opinionated. They give us demonstrative insights about gadgets and accessories.
  • They also have a YouTube channel where you can watch fascinating videos of their biking trips.
  • The owners of the blog promote bicycle tourism and conduct workshops on it too.

In addition to the list above, there are a lot of blogs and resources on cycling out there specializing in different types of information. Some of the good ones are bicycle touring pro, cycling about and cycling challenge. ‘Cycling Weekly’ is my favorite resource because of its vast, diverse and credible content on cycling.